DEI, as we’ve known it, is dead.

The workplace is changing.


It’s time to embed inclusion, equity, and diversity values into everything your organization does, instead.

Tayden Impact Partners offers strategy, culture, learning and development, and impact consulting for mission-driven teams like yours.

Over the last few years, our world — and our workplaces — have changed.

As a leader of your organization, you’ve likely scrambled to evolve your entire business strategy to meet the constantly changing work environment (and market). In a post-2020 world, you need an elevated business strategy and culture that centers DEI as a core value and strategy.

Of course, quick initiatives, committees, and programs don’t get you the results you’re seeking.

To have a greater impact in the communities you’re serving and build a team of incredible people who feel valued and seen, it’s time for a fundamental Shift® to how you “do the work” in your organization.

We’re here to help leaders like you increase your impact and elevate your business by embedding DEI into every experience and element of your strategy, culture, and operations.

The Shift® 

At Tayden Impact Partners, we’ve crafted a DEI roadmap that shifts your organization from one that lacks a people-focused culture… and turns it into one that is inclusive to your team and the communities you serve.

To do that, we don’t just suggest a few short-lived or “top-down” changes. We evaluate and refine your organization’s strategy, systems, operations, culture, and leadership practices to ensure that DEI is embedded in every step. It’s all part of our Shift® Roadmap.

Your organization today…

  • Lacks DEI principles
  • Has an inconsistent culture experience across departments
  • Struggles to retain top talent
  • Lags behinds in the marketplace
  • Struggles with shifting consumer & employee standards

Your organization during The Shift®

  • Analyzes where you are, where you want to be, and identifies gaps between the two points
  • Learns how to Shift® and operationalize your work — and to adapt based on how everyone experiences these changes
  • Plans to sustain The Shift® through changes that can impact the culture you have worked to create

Your organization in the future…

  • Is seen as a best-in-class business whose impact is felt by the communities it serves
  • Holds itself to clear DEI principles and experiences that help everyone feel seen, heard, and respected
  • Stands apart in the market as a positive, inclusive workspace that attracts top talent
  • Understands how to adapt DEI policies and practices to reflect the needs of its people

Our DEI Services

Organizational strategy, culture, and learning reimagined through a DEI lens

See The Shift® in practice, with our three signature services

The Shift® Foundations

4-month foundational experience where you’ll build your initial DEI-embedded roadmap and strategy aligned with your organizational priorities.

The Shift® Culture and Strategy Accelerator

A one-year immersive, whole organization experience. Co-create  and implement a DEI-embedded strategy, evolve your team culture practices, and engage in custom-learning experiences that build your capacity to create an inclusive outcomes for all. 

The Shift® Impact Accelerator

A one-year extended program for Culture accelerator graduates designed to help assess and develop a community-centered engagement plan, operationalize DEI strategy,  and build a process to measure and sustain the work.

Curious about the differences between The Shift® Culture Accelerator & The Shift® Community Accelerator?

A DEI consulting practice that goes beyond the checklist


Tayden Impact Partners works with organizations like yours to ensure that DEI isn’t just a set of principles, programs, or initiatives — but instead core values and practices that lead to…

Stronger systems & operations

62% of workers say that they consider DEI to be an important factor in their company’s ability to drive success.

87% Diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time.

35%Corporations identified as more diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. 

Better people culture & experience

72% of employees will leave a job for one that’s more inclusive.

50% A strong sense of belonging among employees was also found to result in a 50% lower risk of turnover and increase in job performance

35% Teams that value and promote inclusivity are 35% more productive.

Greater impact & growth

75% of leaders saw their DEI investments as having a very positive impact on their business’s competitive advantage.

64% of stakeholders are at least somewhat likely to engage with a brand that embodies diversity and inclusion.

22% more likely to be seen as “industry-leading with high-caliber talent”.

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