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We go beyond insular DEI policies — to help you truly evolve and elevate your culture.

DEI is no longer a simple initiative or program. Today’s organizations recognize that DEI is the best way to create an inclusive culture and operate an industry-leading organization.

More than that, your organization believes that DEI is the standard for doing business, and its practice should be reflected in every department and decision made across your organization.

If you’re ready to build a foundation that helps everyone feel seen, heard, and respected, we’re here to help.

In the News

“95% of CEOs agree that DEI is important but two out of five CEOs said they do not have a DEI strategy.”

About Tayden Impact Partners

We are a Black-owned, woman-led DEI consulting practice focused on helping CEOs, leaders, and entire organizations co-create DEI-centered cultures. Our goal? To help you build a business culture and foundations that strengthen operations, create inclusive people experiences, and generate greater impact and outcomes for all.

TIP was founded to help CEOs and their organizations make a fundamental shift in their operations and practices by embedding DEI as a core value.

DEI is no longer an "initiative."

An increasing number of organizations desire to shift DEI from theory into action, and have launched DEI initiatives they feel passionate about.

There was just one problem: These initiatives only change a minor piece of the business temporarily — but never actually reach the organization’s core operations in meaningful ways.

The sheer number of initiatives (that lead to no sustainable changes in outcomes) have led teams to feel more disillusioned and frustrated by DEI than encouraged and hopeful.

At TIP, we know that DEI is not a finite set of projects or policies on a checklist for an organization to get through.

It has to be a core value

a state of being that organizations can reach

that ultimately shifts their culture and operations for the better.

Today, we work with organizations like yours to embed DEI as a core value into everything your company does.

Embedded into the core of how your organization functions, the DEI roadmap we develop together will have a measurable, sustainable impact on your work culture — and the people it serves.

How TIP is changing DEI

Worried that your DEI strategy will just be a checklist of policies and programs to execute? Not with TIP.

We’ve crafted our own proprietary DEI roadmap that shifts your organization from one that lacks people-focused culture… and turns it into an organization with a business culture where people want to stay. This isn’t a culture of “lip-service DEI”, either. 

Our work dives deep into each pillar of your organization: Your strategy, systems, operations, culture, and leadership. How do we address all these areas in your business? The Shift® Roadmap.

Your organization today…

  • Lacks DEI principles
  • Has an inconsistent culture experience across departments and teams
  • Lags behinds in the marketplace
  • Struggles with shifting consumer & employee standards

Your organization during The Shift®

  • Analyzes where you are, where you want to be, and identifies gaps between the two points
  • Learns how to Shift® and operationalize your work — and to adapt based on how everyone experiences these changes
  • Plans to sustain The Shift® through changes that can impact the culture you have worked to create

Your organization in the future…

  • Is seen as a best-in-class business whose impact is felt by the communities it serves
  • Holds itself to clear DEI principles and experiences that help everyone feel seen, heard, and respected
  • Stands apart in the market as a positive, inclusive workspace that attracts top talent
  • Understands how to adapt DEI policies and practices to reflect the needs of its people

Our DEI Services: DEI, reimagined

See The Shift® in practice, with our three signature services

The Shift® Foundations

A 4-month foundational experience where you’ll build your initial DEI-embedded roadmap and strategy aligned with your organizational priorities.

The Shift® Culture and Strategy Accelerator

A one-year immersive, whole organization experience. Co-create  and implement a DEI-embedded strategy, evolve your team culture practices, and engage in custom-learning experiences that build your capacity to create an inclusive outcomes for all.

The Shift® Impact Accelerator

A one-year extended program for Culture accelerator graduates designed to help assess and develop a community-centered engagement plan, operationalize DEI strategy,  and build a process to measure and sustain the work.

Meet our founder

Dynasti Hunt Harris, Founder and CEO

I’ve been seated on all sides of the table — the staff member, the Board member, the first/only Black woman on multiple executive teams. I’ve also led multiple organizations through transformational DEI and HR work.

With all this experience, I know what it’s like to work in an environment where you feel seen, heard, and included…and what it’s like to work in an environment where you don’t.

Leading DEI initiatives, I found that there were a lot of well-intentioned CEOs and leaders out there who wanted to build a more DEI-centered workplace…but had no idea where to start. More than anything, they needed concrete guidance.

I founded TIP and our core education model, The Shift®, to provide consulting partnerships that embody what I wish more CEOs had: a clear roadmap and plan for doing what everyone calls “the work.” I wanted to provide real guidance on how to “do the work” in a way that actually makes it a part of the organization rather than a statement piece that sits on a shelf.

Certified Diversity Coach

Certified ICF Associate Coach

2020 Top 100 HR Leaders ICON Awards Recipient

Certified Diversity Executive

2024 DE&I 2.0 Member Leader

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DEI (as you know it) is dead.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the solution most organizations need. However, DEI alone — especially as most organizations know it — can be problematic. We propose a change to how DEI is done, and we share our best ideas in our TIP essays.