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Why work at Tayden Impact Partners?

Our Commitment

We believe in creating safe, equitable workspaces for all individuals, particularly those who have been historically marginalized based on their race, gender, and accessibility. We center race in our work and ask that you don’t shy away from these conversations.

We are deeply committed to ensuring our work primarily and ultimately benefits Black, Indigenous, and People of Color — and unapologetically have designed access to our programs and pricing structures that reflect our commitment.

And while we focus on DEI, we know that DEI is ineffective without looking at it through an anti-racist lens. Therefore, we strive daily to create a company culture, systems, and structures that make it clear that racism does not belong in our work, internally, or with our clients.

    Our Guiding Principles

    Here at Tayden Impact Partners, we value…

    Authentic Relationships:

    We aim to deepen relationships within your organization so everyone can show up as their most authentic selves.

    Deconstruct and Reimagine: 

    We operate in the gray space, deconstructing “the norm.” We help you identify your own path to anti-racism, inclusivity, and equitability. 

    Protect Stories: 

    We honor everyone’s story while also asking that everyone do the same to help foster and build connections.

    Equity, Then Equality:

    We prioritize equity first and design solutions to ensure that marginalized voices do not continue to be marginalized in your workplace.

    Teacher and Student: 

    We recognize that there is always something more to learn. We play the role of both teacher and student in every space we are in.

    The Work Experience

    Our work is not easy and oftentimes requires our team to tap into their own lived experiences and journeys as they lead our client partners through The Shift® journey. Therefore, we prioritize creating a work experience that centers on balance, becoming, and belonging in all that we do.

    Balance ・ Becoming ・ Belonging

    We create balance

    by prioritizing shorter work weeks, intentional meeting spaces, and extended office closures (in addition to PTO and holidays) to provide our team with time to rest and recharge.

    We support becoming

    by embracing our roles as both teacher and student; therefore, we create spaces for us to engage in continuous learning while encouraging everyone to continue to build their own passions outside of work.

    We co-create an experience of belonging

    by encouraging a high level of work autonomy, space to share contrasting opinions and views, flexibility in how each person defines bringing their “whole self to work,” and embracing progress over perfection.

    We practice what we preach and strive to live out our own guiding principles within our work.

    For all full-time TIP team members, we offer a diverse selection of benefits, professional development, and growth opportunities to support our commitment to creating an experience of belonging across our team.

    TIP Employment Benefits include:

    • Health Care
    • PTO
    • Rest and Rejuvenation Breaks
    • Tech and Work Remote Support
    • 100% Remote
    • Wellness Stipend
    • Giving Fund
    • Learning and Professional Development

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