It’s time for a Shift®

Your organization is ready for a Shift®… and we’re ready to help.

The Shift® is Tayden Impact Partners’ proprietary roadmap, designed to turn your organization into a workplace where people want to stay. More than a “DEI policy” we create for you, The Shift® is a process designed to change the mind, behaviors, beliefs, practices, and the overall way we work.

The Shift® is about creating a new culture and new ways of working that are beneficial and inclusive to all — not just the traditional majority. Here’s how we help your organization do that:

Shift Your Culture

We partner with you to take what’s working and change the pieces that aren’t to shift your culture to one that people want to experience.

Shift Your Impact

You’ll create a dedicated, engaged, and valued team so you can do the work that grows the company.

Shift Your Industry

Our work will set you apart in your industry — and set new standards for peer organizations.

How TIP can help your organization

At TIP, we believe that sustainable change requires not just changing how we do things — but also taking the time to examine why we do the things we do. Beyond that, we want to reflect back on those practices and ask, “Can we do this differently?”

We believe that sustainable change happens when the whole system is involved. Our DEI work isn’t just for the C-Suite, a single individual, or Council — the entire organization is involved and helping us co-create policies and experiences that ensure everyone feels seen.

We do this via a process called Whole-Scale Change*, which is designed to move you and your team beyond the surface of DEI and dive deeper to create a new workplace culture from the inside out. Once we’ve developed a clear strategy for the work ahead, we work with you to build a custom roadmap, The Shift®.

Our Shift® roadmap encompasses elements of education, coaching, consultation, assessments, and implementation. That’s because we want to ensure this is an all-in-one solution for your organization and that everyone in your organization can learn, participate, and grow through the experience. We are truly your partners, committed to evolving your culture now and in the future.

Is TIP the DEI partner for your organization?

We’ve helped dozens of organizations who are ready to finally meet the changing standards of the workplace — and elevate their culture to a place that’s truly inclusive.

We’re the DEI partner for you if…

  • RYour organization understands the importance of DEI and culture
  • RYou recognize the impact DEI can have on the communities you servef DEI and culture
  • RYour leadership is stuck, trying to shift the culture and DEI practices
  • RYour past DEI initiatives didn’t change anything, or your employees felt they were not truly impactful
  • RYou struggle to attract, recruit, and retain diverse employees
  • RYou constantly receive feedback on your employee experiences
  • RYou’ve noticed that your work culture is affecting the bottom line and client experiences

We’ve worked with organizations struggling with all of that and more — and we’re here to help.

The benefits of working with TIP to improve DEI in your organization

If an organization invests in DEI to shift the core way they work, operate, and run their organization, the benefits are virtually limitless.

Here are just a handful of outcomes that our clients have experienced:

Easier recruitment & retainment of diverse employees

Increased employee engagement, commitment, and productivity

Longer client relationships & better partnerships with other aligned companies

Eliminated the expense of dedicated DEI teams or DEI programs

More consistency & focus on the organization’s mission, vision, and values

Increased perception as the leader in the organization’s industry

Clients we’ve worked with

DEI (as you know it) is dead.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the solution most organizations need. However, DEI alone — especially as most organizations know it — can be problematic. We propose a change to how DEI is done, and we share our best ideas in our TIP essays.