The Shift® Impact and Community


See the impact of your shift in real time

You’ve done the work to create a DEI-focused workplace. Your organization has made massive shifts to ensure its culture is inclusive and accepting of everyone’s voice and skills.

Teams across your company are working together to make your organization one where people want to work (and community members want to engage with).

But after all that work…

Year 2

How do you measure the impact of your DEI strategy and culture development?

    • How have these changes affected turnover, acquisition, productivity, and revenue?
    • Have these changes empowered your organization to partner with other brands and the community?
    • How have these efforts (and investments) paid off for the long-term improvement of your organization? 

To establish your organization as one that truly “walks the walk,” it’s time to dive into the community and impact elements of your DEI strategy.

That’s exactly what the next year of The Shift® Accelerator is all about.

How the Shift® Accelerator works

One  year of implementation, measurement, and

After you complete the first year of your Culture & Strategy Accelerator*, your work will shift from policy creation and cross-departmental engagement to community engagement, leadership development, and goal measurement.

Here’s what to expect from Year 2 with Tayden Impact Partners:

Optional extension for Year 2

  • Follow-up on Climate Assessment
  • Community Asset-Mapping and gap analysis
  • Leadership Coaching Sessions
  • Program and External Impact Sessions

  • Community engagement plan developed
  • Develop DEI Culture Leadership Toolkit
  • Develop HR and People Equity Toolkit
  • Program and External Impact Sessions
  • Develop DEI measurements for community engagement

  • Community partnership toolkit
  • Develop team culture toolkit
  • Leadership Coaching Sessions
  • Integrate Equity-Building Strategies into each Business Function

  • Year 1 Roadmap Implementation Priorities Completed
  • Sustainability Strategy for Continued Roadmap Integration
  • Sunset DEI Council/Committee

*The Community & Impact Accelerator is ONLY available to organizations who’ve graduated from the Culture & Strategy Accelerator. If you’re looking to start your DEI Shift with Tayden Impact Partners, inquire about our Year 1 Accelerator here.

Why is the Shift® Accelerator a year-long process?

We recognize culture work can’t be done overnight. So do you.

Your organization’s commitment to its people and its culture is not short-lived, and you understand the amount of work that goes into creating a deep and long-lasting impact.

Our biggest priority at Tayden Impact Partners is to ensure you have the structure, systems, and tools to keep going with your culture shift. We recognize that, while this may not be a quick solution, it is a concrete, proven, and guided framework that offers your organization long-term, sustainable change.


It’s time for a shift in your organization, and we’re here to help you do the real, lasting work.

Ready to shift toward community and impact?

Our Shift® Community & Impact Accelerator is only available to the organizations who’ve completed our Shift® Culture & Strategy Accelerator.

If that’s you, reach out to your consultant contact to ask about extending your partnership with us for Year Two! 

If you’re looking to start your DEI Shift with Tayden Impact Partners, inquire about our Year 1 Accelerator here.