The Shift® Foundations

You want to build a strong DEI strategy and foundation for your business. We’re here to help.

You want to give your organization everything it needs to succeed: a strong people-focused culture and clear DEI values that lead you toward growth and impact. However, simple DEI policies and “values statements” aren’t enough for your forward-thinking organization.

You want DEI rooted at the core of everything you do, and reflected in every element of your organization: strategy, systems, operations, culture, and leadership. 

You’re ready to lead your industry by setting the standard for how business is done — and you want to be part of seeing a Shift® in how your most important work gets done.

We can help you do just that, by guiding you through our Shift® Foundations program.

Our Shift® Outcomes

Over the course of our time together, our Shift® Foundations offer will provide you with extensive improvements and lasting change. These shifts include:

DEI Vision and Guiding Principles Development 

We’ll build a common DEI infrastructure and framework for your organization to shift its culture on

Organization-wide Strategy Development 

You’ll develop (or refresh) your organization’s strategic plan with a DEI-centered len

Roadmap Execution Planning 

You’ll get a plan for how to execute your Shift® Roadmap beyond our 4-month engagement

How the Shift® Foundations works

4 months

The Foundations program is focused on helping you develop an organization-wide DEI strategy and roadmap, using our Shift® framework. 

Best for organizations who are looking to refresh their organizational strategy, build a new one from scratch, or engage in annual planning, this is where you learn to do the work that will change the trajectory of your growing business.

We have a set roadmap inside Foundations, which covers the foundational principles of creating an organizational strategy and principles that center DEI in your organization:





What’s included


A customized schedule and strategy sessions for your team, over the course of 16 weeks


Facilitated all-staff learning spaces to engage the full-team in the strategy development journey


Core learning sessions on building a concrete roadmap for how to execute on your finalized strategic plan


Access to all TIP tools and resources for the extent of the engagement

What you’ll leave the Foundations program with:

Organizational DEI Strategic Plan

Develop a common strategy and plan for how DEI will support you reaching your strategic objectives and mission

DEI Implementation Roadmap

Plan how to execute your strategy and Shift® Roadmap beyond our 4-month engagement

Alumni Community Access

Access to our private, alumni community to continue your learning with other partners

Whole-Team Engagement Design

Our strategic planning process is designed to center inclusivity from the start, based off of the Whole-Scale® Change model.

DEI Guiding Principles and Culture Vision Statement 

Build a common DEI framework and principles for how your organization will embed DEI into its strategy

DEI Strategic Outcomes Dashboard

Establish targets and a process for measuring progress with execution of the strategic plan

Custom Strategy Development Team

You’ll have a custom, dedicated team to guide you through the process from start to finish

Toolkit & Templates

Access resources to help you implement the roadmap on your own.

How to get started with the Foundations program

Schedule an Exploration Call with Our Team

Choose Your Start Date

Determine who will be on the core strategy planning team*

Participate in Your Cohort’s Kickoff Session

Schedule your Shift® Foundations call

Ready for a Shift®? We’re ready to help. To move forward, simply book your exploration call date at the link below. On this call, we’ll learn more about your organization, and you’ll have a chance to ask us questions.

Let’s see if Tayden Impact Partners is the DEI partner for your organization.

FAQs about the the Shift® Foundations

Can my organization just consult with TIP’s team? We’re unsure a cohort program is right for us.

If you’re not interested in our 4-month Foundations program, we do have a 1-day experience, which will introduce you to our Shift® Roadmap and give you a plan to implement these changes yourself. The 1-day Shift® Roadmap is designed to create a community space for foundational learning and roadmap-building so that you can learn with your team and other incredible organizations.

If you do not want to have any engagement with other organizations doing the same work, check out our Accelerator, which is our 1-year dedicated partnership program.

Is there any way to shorten the 4-month timeline?

After piloting the Foundations program with organizations, we have found that rushing through the process leads to ineffective outcomes and teams finding themselves in the same place they started. Meaningful shifts in behaviors and approaches take time, and we would be doing a disservice to your organization by attempting to shorten our proven process.

Do other organizations hear our organization’s challenges or IP? If so, will there be an NDA involved?

Yes, in our contract we have a clear statement that we will not publicly share the data we collect or conversations we engage in without your permission. While in our cohort sessions, no private or IP information will be exchanged in front of the other organizations’ teams.

Can we adapt the curriculum to our particular organization’s needs?

The curriculum is set and cannot be changed. If you are looking for more custom partnerships, please see our Shift® Accelerator!

Do we have a dedicated guide throughout the Shift® process?

Our lead facilitator team will guide your cohort through the process from start to finish. It’s important to us that we deeply understand you, your team, and your culture; this leads to a more meaningful and consistent process.

How often will we connect with the TIP team to ensure we’re making the right progress?

You’ll have one stepback session at the end of your 4-month experience, where we’ll review the progress made and discuss what your team’s next steps are to continue progressing along the roadmap.

How do we identify our 5-20 core participants?

While many teams immediately think to include members of their current DEI council, we encourage you to think differently about the core team who’ll attend this training. In building your DEI and culture strategy, you are thinking about whole-systems change — and that requires being ready to engage everyone across your team. Consider creating a cross-functional team of individuals across different levels, including your C-Suite, different departments, and business functions.

What measurable outcomes can we expect from our time with TIP?

Generally, we are looking for shifts in retention, recruitment, turnover, team engagement, and how people describe and experience the work culture. If you are looking for help with CEO or leadership buy-in, we have a full guide on outcomes and organizational benefits here.

Can we hire TIP to implement all of the work for our organization?

Our entire Shift® framework is built as a done-with-you process. As such, you will be expected to complete pre- and post-work for all of your sessions, and you’ll be responsible for the outcomes. If you’d like to have us guide you through the full roadmap rather than leading this work yourself, we offer our full Shift® Accelerator program for organizations looking for a long-term partner. During our one- to two-year partnership, we can help with implementation.

Schedule your exploration call today

We’re here to help your organization shift to meet today’s challenges — and to create a culture that sets you apart in your industry. If you are interested in diving deep and doing the work with a DEI partner with extensive experience, schedule an exploration call. 

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