Building a DEI Strategy for an Environmental Social Justice Organization

This 70+ people environmental justice organization was on a mission to make their overall workplace more inclusive.

However, they were struggling to operationalize their DEI practices into operations and their employees’ experience. They had a DEI Lead and Council in place, but these roles were added to current team members’ responsibilities, and there was no dedicated time to dig into “the work” in a meaningful way.

This environmental social justice team needed help

This team recognized that they needed help from a DEI consultancy that could guide them through how to collectively embed DEI into their work. They needed a strategy that focused on both internal and external programs and business structures.

When Tayden Impact Partners was onboarded, we started off with an assessment and custom focus groups to hear more directly from the team about their experience working within the organization. We reviewed what was working, what was not working, and what barriers were causing non-inclusive experiences in their day-to-day work.

The DEI strategy development process

We worked with the team through our Shift® Accelerator program to co-create a concrete DEI & culture roadmap. We pinpointed areas to strengthen, like culture experiences that weren’t inclusive, and developed approaches for embedding DEI into every business function.

Their DEI outcomes

Across the organization, the team has experienced team engagement and retention through the embedment of DEI into the business, including a 12% increase in retention and a 27% increase in team members who’ve expressed they feel valued by the organization.

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